The hardest post


Sometimes things don?t go as planned, and this weekend I never anticipated the challenges of keeping up the daily blog that I?m now experiencing.

We?re at a bed and breakfast in Seneca Falls, NY.  The owner had promised high speed Internet, and it is here ? to  some degree.  My usually reliable Mac cannot find the feed, while my wife?s tiny Netbook appears to be able to get enough of a signal that (with frequent cut-outs) she can access the system.

So I?ve borrowed her computer for a few minutes to post this rather meaningless note.  I?m not sure if we?ll be able to get a better signal tomorrow (Sunday) and, if not, Ill defer my posting to another brief entry on returning home Sunday night.

?Why bother?? you may ask.  Well, since starting this blog in 2006-7,  I haven?t missed a single day.  Sometimes, when I know we will be out of range, I write postings ahead of time and then release them through deferred publishing dates.

There is method in this process, of course.  Sometimes surprise is effective for marketing, but sometimes consistency works even better.  The disciplined publishing cycle, even on ?slow? weekends, allows the blog to maintain its relevance and effectiveness.

Regardless of this glitch ? and the discovery that technology doesn?t always match with Bed and Breakfasts in Seneca Falls, NY, it truly is A Wonderful Life.

(Ed. Note:  This morning, I figured out the system ? take the computer out to the patio, and the signal is strong enough to post ? so we?ll be back to ?regular? schedule tomorrow morning.  Phew.)

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