The ?flash of insight? and construction marketing


Virtually every day, when the music  on the car radio hits one or another popular song, my mind travels back three decades to the ?day of discovery? and I relive the vivid moment where, for a fraction of a second in a remote African village, I experienced the blinding light of self-discovery.  Last week, after yet another of these reliving moments, I decided to blog on this topic, but I wanted to go beyond personal experience and cite some worthy sources.  Much to my surprise, when I Googled variations of ?flash of insight? or ?insight flash? I found few if any relevant references, certainly not much (at least in a limited search), which explains the insight experience and how you can truly experience and perhaps learn from it.

Some writers, of course, attribute the insight flash to intuition.  Scientists, especially, sometimes come up with their greatest discoveries during the ?eureka moment? ? then they need to validate their observations through experimental experience.  Religious people, meanwhile, sometimes turn their insight of religious discovery into a lifetime of missionary zeal ? if they can see the light, they believe, so should anyone else.

I realize that insightful moments should be cherished but I?m not sure how to guide others in the process.  Maybe you can help out in this exercise, however.

This survey asks a couple of questions and invites you to think and relive your insightful moment (or to say you?ve never experienced one).  I expect you?ll have no trouble recalling your story.  While I intend to publish the observations in this blog without identifying you, you can request total privacy or, if you are comfortable, give me permission to reference your name and background (and maybe website, if it is relevant.)

If you prefer, you can also email your observations to

P.S.  Your response does not need to have anything to do with ?construction marketing? as I think this topic goes to a deeper level ? and the insights you can share will help frame some additional business-building options in the months ahead.

Have you ever experienced a flash of insight?

If you have experienced an insight flash, please describe the experience.

Has the insight experience changed your life?

If "yes", describe the impact and changes to your life which occurred from the insightful experience.

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