The FEDCON summit: An example of a marketing opportunity that may be right under your nose

An image with me and former publisher Bob Kruhm at a previous FEDCON summit.

Tomorrow a.m., I’ll be up bright and early to travel to Wilmington, NC for the annual FEDCON summit. That is the Southeast region Federal Construction, Infrastructure & Environmental Summit, coordinated by the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC).

That’s quite a mouthful, but this event links military brass with contractors, vendors, community leaders and provides both important networking opportunities and business intelligence for organizations wishing to plug into construction opportunities with the US military, especially at bases in western North Carolina.

I’ll be there primarily because our business publishes North Carolina Construction News, but certainly I had no idea about the NCMBC and FEDCON until I received a briefing from former North Carolina publisher Bob Kruhm a few years ago. (There’ll also be an opportunity while in Wilmington to visit an Associated Builders and Contractors of the Carolinas (ABC Carolinas) social event. We are currently working on the association’s annual Excellence in Construction Awards brochure.)

While this context is only directly relevant to you if you work/serve in the relevant region, I’m confident you can discover similar local and regional opportunities with some research, and the combination of focus, relevance and immediacy provide truly cost-effective marketing opportunities

If you are attending FEDCON and would like to connect with me, send an email to and we’ll co-ordinate a meet-up.

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