The experiment


stock-photo-6653786-photographer-at-workYou’ll notice that the previous post is password protected.

I’m trying a thought/business experiment with a significantly-sized (about 700 people) but closed and private group, and have given the group members the access to the posting to assess their ideas and responses.

The experiment isn’t a secret — you can’t keep things “secret” when the group is that large — but it isn’t public, either. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to report on the results, or not, or when.

If it succeeds, the initiative will open some fascinating doors and create a new concept/capacity for innovation and business development. ?This is a grand and possibly unattainable dream. Yet sometimes it is worthy to go out on small limbs and test out new ideas.

So, if you aren’t invited to the party, please bear with me. We’ll return to regular blog programming tomorrow and I’ll update you on developments of this experiment when I can.

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