The Darwin Awards


Perhaps the enjoyment of observing others’ stupidity reflects badly on me, but at times I feel joy and angst when I see examples of some of the absurdities around us.

This video, posted on Facebook, clearly fits the bill.

At the AdSense help forum, where I’m a moderator (Top Contributor) my peers have private posting areas and our own closed social media group (on Google Plus, naturally), where we share stories and laugh at fools who haven’t the foggiest idea about how stupid they are in trying to cheat the system. ?We award these gems of genius their own Darwin Awards.

Other stories of inspired intellectual achievement are chronicled at ?I’ll let you read some of the stories for yourself.

Does any of this stuff have anything to do with construction marketing?

Not directly, but indirectly I think we should appreciate that no matter how poorly we perform, someone out there has probably done it a lot worse than any of us could even imagine.

Sure, we can look upwards as well, to great accomplishments, and hopefully learn from the experts. Occasionally, however, I’ll admit I enjoy slipping into some smug superiority.

If you want, (or dare) you can take a look at some of these Darwin Award winners in the construction industry.? I’m sure, after reading this stories, you know that you really haven’t done so badly in work and life (and in construction marketing.)

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