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The Construction Junkie blog
The Construction Junkie blog

I like the Construction Junkie Blog for its simple design, comprehensive coverage, and yet its avoidance of clutter and wasted noise. You can learn a lot, quickly, in this blog’s pages, and it is certainly a worthy entry in the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition.

A recent entry, referencing material from The Brand Constructors, for example, outlines the 10 mistakes you should avoid in building your website.

In his review, Shane Hedmond has interpreted some of the most significant mistakes, including:

1. Unable to quickly edit the website

If your website is too time or cost-consuming to update, you need to look into a new platform immediately. Customers don?t want to visit your site and see that you haven?t added a new project for three years.

2. Using Flash

Flash used to be the best way to add animation or video to your website, but not anymore. It?s also extremely slow and not searchable on Google. According to Brand Constructors, over 150 of the 400 companies they reviewed still have flash on their websites.

3. Not telling your buyer what you do

As all contractors should know, all construction is not created equal. You have to be clear when explaining the services that your company provides, because calling yourself a ?construction company? isn?t good enough. Do you work mostly residential, commercial, new construction, remodels, etc?

4. Forgetting your other audiences

Your website focus shouldn?t only be on potential customers, Brand Constructors says, because you also have to focus on your current employees and potential future employees. Future employees have to be able to find you and determine if your company is worth working for.

5. No people

Speaking of people, the article mentions that instead of only showing the buildings that you?ve completed, show your people actually building. ?If all you have is completed project photos, you?ll look like a real estate company, not a construction company,? they mention.

Construction Junkie is a great example of a generalist blog. There is value in looking in its entries regardless of your speciality to keep in touch with the broader industry issues.

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