The Christmas season . . .

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An earliy wireless router -- amazing technology (when it works!)
An earliy wireless router — amazing technology (when it works!)

We are fortunate in the Christmas holiday season to have a couple of weeks of relative rest. This is the one time of the year where our businesses virtually shut down — vacations are staggered during the summer, but concentrated now. This is a time for family, friends, a little rest and (often for business owners) some year-end planning and quiet co-ordination.

For some reason, this season also coincides for me with technical challenges. Last year, I crashed my blog, deleting everything (and then set out to solve the problem with a serious rebuilding effort.) Today, I decided to tackle an increasingly unreliable wireless router by purchasing a new server computer and router. Fourteen hours later, the router manufacturer’s technical support agent told me to return the device to the store because it is “defective”. (I hesitate to think how much I would like to have billed for that bit of weekend frustration.)

The router challenge also explains why today’s blog entry is both late and low on genuine construction marketing ideas relevance. Things happen.

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