The Caterpillar rap video — and having some fun with a product launch

cat rappers

Here’s the pitch from Caterpillar?that goes with the YouTube video above. Proud of your dozer? You will be with the new Cat? D6N. New standard technologies give you top performance at the lowest possible cost, day in and day out. Find out more about the Cat D6N, download exclusive ringtones, get the official lyrics and more! #DozerPride

The show has so far seen more than 275,000 visitors — quite impressive for a specialized product launch video.

Of course, it will be harder to measure how many D6Ns the video will sell.

Certainly some laid off Caterpillar employees?have put a different take on the story, reflected by this YouTube comment (caps and grammar as posted):

i used to cruise in my dozer for straight enjoyment, but now you know i gotta find alternate employment, got depression house repossession no profession i gotta question boss, how can you pay for this shit while layin fellas off?
But one person took on the laid off Cat employees’ comments with this observation:
All you people and your comments about being laid off…….this is a marketing campaign to sell more equipment so they don’t have the need too lay off any more employees. Please use your head when you comment…….This was one of the most amazing, creative, and well worth the time marketing videos I’ve ever seen. The world needs more creative writing and thinking like this.
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