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We’re currently having preliminary interviews and receiving inquiries through our posting for an associate publisher in North Carolina.

The Timetohire system solves one of the challenges in finding performance-based sales representatives. ?It “mines” relevant job boards for candidates interested or expressing an orientation for sales work, and then combines email and automated phone messages to direct their response to the opportunity. Depending on the fee you pay, you can invite hundreds of potential candidates.

The results can be overwhelming, especially with inquiries not suited for the opportunity. These mostly arise from people who receive the call but don’t check their voice mail or email. They phone back, asking: “Did you just call me?” I can direct them to check their email and follow-up if they are interested.

Most others aren’t interested, usually because they really aren’t looking for work where they are paid for what they achieve, rather than what they try. But a few “stick” and then it comes down to evaluating their suitability.

Sometimes this screening is easy. One person volunteered that he is a felon, recently released from prison. Although it is illegal to discriminate against “new hires” for many reasons,?when I checked the applicant’s name against the public North Carolina prison database, I decided that few clients would want anything to do with him as our representative.)

Others will require more detailed review. We use?a sales/personality survey which has a reasonable but not perfect correlation with success. Then there will be more extensive interviews before we offer work to the finalist.

You are welcome to experience the sales career selection process in operation, by visiting our recruiting site at If you are interested in the opportunity, or know someone who would be, you can forward the URL link and either complete or invite the person you know to follow up. (Although the opportunity posted is in North Carolina, it is also available in our other US markets, including Chicago/Illinois and Florida.


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