The Blogging Painters: Powerful resources for painting (and other) contractors

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The Blogging Painters has become one of the most powerful resources for painting contractors, and has relevance to anyone in the AEC community with its content marketing advice.

The Blogging Painters, edited by Chris Haught, has long been one of the most effective content development resources for painting contractors. The advice, while especially useful for anyone whose primary business involves paint and coatings, also applies for others seeking to adapt blogging to the current “content marketing” mantra. In this model, your blog provides the seed or base material for a multi-faceted client-centric content development strategy; leading to enhanced reputation, social media acceptance and of course, powerful (and credible) search engine rankings.

She?cites material from Ron Ramsden in observing:

Now that most everyone has a built a platform to blog on and published several variations of ?Why we are the best painters?, ?Which Paint should you use? and a few ?Before and After? posts it?s time to rethink content and why we are blogging.

roadmap chris haught

In 2016, contractors are ramping up their blogging efforts, putting out info in new and innovative ways to engage customers. Contractors are realizing that sharing written information for customers is more than ?just blogging? and are finding new ways to be different and unforgettable . . .

These observations lead to perhaps the most important question:

What is going to help?the customer remember you?

You’ll find a wealth of great ideas in this blog.

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