The Blogging Painters: An incredible resource for painting contractors — and construction bloggers

Blogging painters page
The Blogging Painters: An incredible resource for painting contractors -- and bloggers.

Below you’ll read the first review of 2017 Best Construction Blog competition entries. In the next several weeks, I’ll review each of the 26 blogs entered in the competition. You can vote for the blog(s) of your choice at this link.

If you are a painter, you’ll want to bookmark The Blogging Painters. Editor Chris Haught has assembled a team of bloggers, who provide an incredibly deep and comprehensive resource for painting contractors.

Haught writes:

Contributors to represent a diverse cross-section of some of the best minds in the paint industry, from all angles?

? paint contractors from different markets with unique service offerings
? specialty finish artisans
? manufacturer representatives, from both the engineering and marketing sectors
? consultants of all types

The common thread found in this growing group is that all participants have the same goal in mind: to improve the paint trade and the industry as a whole, by improving our own businesses. And, let?s face it, the online identities of our businesses have never been more important than they are today. That is why we raise the bar.

It’s quite a high bar — the curation and editorial control in this blog means that you will be certain to receive valuable information in any article you read.

For example, consider this post: Trying To Figure Out How to Blog Better, which provides solid advice, whether you are a painting contractor — or anyone else interested in blogging effectively.

In that post, the advice to create an editorial calendar (something I admit I haven’t done) is coupled with this observation:

Content expert Tess Wittler has a list of 52 ideas?to stimulate the writer in you. Building ideas into your Editorial Calendar in advance will keep writer?s block from setting in later.

Wittler’s advice and her 52 ideas list is indeed useful.

Another piece of advice:

Review, revise and edit

Walk away from the piece for a bit. Then come back and read it, out loud. Share it with someone else, ask their opinion. If you are fortunate to have a mentor, ask them to critique, and consider their suggestions without getting offended. Here at BP (Blogging Painters), we use Google Documents to share drafts and brainstorm.

I can’t say follow this advice perfectly. Some of my own posts could use a good editing job. (One blessing about blogging, however, is that if you screw up, you can generally fix the problem with updates and corrections. It is better to get it right the first time, but you don’t have to worry about 10,000 incorrectly printed copies of your words sitting in inventory.)

Undoubtedly, The Blogging Painters achieves its objective. You can consider it to be truly good standard-setting roadmap for your own blogging and marketing initiatives, especially if you are a painter — but also for other fields.

You can vote here for The Blogging Painters, or other blogs of your choice. Voting continues until March 31.

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