The big crash: and the big fix


On Tuesday, I wrote a posting bragging about how we had successfully overcome a series of technical (and human error, my doing) issues that caused this blog not to work properly, disrupting the daily entries.? On Wednesday, I managed to trash things sufficiently while trying repairs that — for some hours — went off line completely.

Yesterday afternoon, Akpan Promise from Nigeria managed to restore most of this site. There are still some gaps — you can see the holes in the sidebar, for example. I expect to have these issues cleaned up over the weekend.

The issues with information technology are indeed challenging for any business. In the most recent crisis, I’m fortunate that the failures were not universal. In fact, among about 15 different sites (representing separate regional and national publications) only two failed — this blog and a new site under development.? Since no one was expected to see the new site yet, that didn’t present many immediate business problems.

However, the troubleshooting and efforts to repair this mess consumed far too many hours to count, and while the consulting costs to solve the issues were insignificant in the big picture, they still required funds outside of budget.

Undoubtedly, while technology has opened many marketing and business development opportunities, it has costs. Some are on a scale that makes my problems here look like a grain of sand on a huge beach. (Look at the data security issues Facebook has to resolve now.) On the other hand, you won’t get far without embracing and introducing new technologies into your marketing.? I’ll share some best practices in my next post.


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