Four steps to the better (and frugal) approach to construction marketing


Simple concepts here, today:

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  1. Do your work really well — good enough that you attract natural repeat and referral business and (if you are really good) spontaneous enthusiasm. ?Seventy-three per cent of your marketing success will be in the client experience (generating repeat/referral business)
  2. Your highest measure of marketing success (and the focus in this line is “marketing,” rather than general business operations, covered above) is how many/and the value of profitable leads your marketing generates. Profitable leads convert to sales that make money. ?If you can, break these leads by marketing channel (website inquiries, or business cards given to you at speaking engagements, for example). ?Later drill a bit deeper for significant clients to learn the thought process that led to the lead.
  3. Keep an open mind to new concepts, but be careful about?intrusive inbound pitches from strangers and be wary about designing your marketing to be “in your face” intrusive. ?(Yes, I know canvassers and canvassing consultants will tell me I’m way off, but I still slam the door on anyone who tries this stuff on me. And, yes, I know that we should not allow our personal perspectives and values to determine our marketing preferences — just because we like a particular radio station, for example, doesn’t mean it is right for our potential clients.)
  4. There’s a critical gap point between frugal and effective marketing and intensive budget-based effective marketing. You don’t want to be caught in the middle, or you could go broke, very quickly. When you get to the gap stage, spend some time with non-competitive peers and learn how they managed the risk. Don’t buy the crap that media sales reps push on you — listen to the people who really are spending the tens of thousands of dollars monthly (or more) on marketing.

There, four simple points that should help you succeed and grow without blowing your wad.

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