The best construction blog: Early popular vote results


These results for the 2011 Design and Construction Report?s Best Construction Blog competition could be compared to the first poll opening in New Hampshire or Maine.   It is far too early to tell who will win the race ? but it is still interesting to see the very early results.

In this competition, you can only vote once from any email address ? but you can select as many blogs as you wish in your ballot.  You certainly can encourage colleagues, friends and family to vote and if you have more than one valid email address, you can use the different addresses to vote.  (We will verify email addresses, however, so if you ?fake? an email address your vote can be disqualified.)

The blog which wins the most votes will win in the Readers? Choice category and our judges will award points for popularity in the final competition ? but popular vote isn?t the only element which determines the selection.

Voting closes at 5 p.m. on March 7.

You can vote through this link.

(There is obviously no cost to vote nor to win this competition.)

P.S.:  Our voting tabulation resource updates this automatically as live results are recorded.  So if you view this posting some weeks from now, the results will certainly not be early!  And if you want to see your vote count, just check back here and watch the numbers change.

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