The best construction blog ? Construction Law in North Carolina


Construction Law in North Carolina (overall winner)

The judges? votes are in for the 2011 Best Construction Blog competition. Our five judges set their own criteria for selection (we will probably use a standardized template next year). The judges overall selected (in ranking order): Atlanta Home Improvements (AK ? Home Renovations), Construction Law in North Carolina and (tied for third), Burgin Construction and Homeowners Resource Center ? SLS Construction.

I then overlayed these results with the popular vote. While Michael Stone?s Markup and Profit blog achieved the highest vote, he could not vote for himself as a judge and the other four judges didn?t provide his blog with enough votes to reach top place.

Burgin Construction (second place overall)

However, Melissa Brumback?s Construction Law in North Carolina achieved second place and Burgin Construction achieved fifth place in the popular vote, ahead of Atlanta Home Improvements.

So, accordingly, Construction Law in North Carolina achieves first place overall, Burgin Construction is second, and Atlanta Home Improvements places third.

I?ll interview the finalists and write a more comprehensive story for the May issue of the Design and Construction Report.


AK Home Renovations — Atlanta Home Improvements (Judges’ favorite)

Special thanks to our judges: Marketing consultant Michael Jeffries, industry consultants Michael and Devon Stone, Brian Reuhl and Neil Brown representing the Construction Marketing Association, and our general business consultant, Bill Caswell. Michael Stone and the Construction Marketing Association blogs participated in the competition, but judges could not vote for their own blogs ? effectively reducing their opportunity to win.

You can view the overall standings and results on the Best Construction Blog page.

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