The Best Construction Blog competition: Nomination deadline approaching


We’ve just got a couple of weeks before nominations close for the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition.

The competition, which has been an annual feature of this blog for about a decade, offers some useful rewards for participants. Notably, I review each blog, and all are indexed in the Construction Blogs directory. Since the review and listing are free, you are gaining some worthy SEO “juice” and possible traffic, for very little effort.

The rewards are even greater for the winning blog, selected through a combination of popular vote and independent judging. The combined approach to determining recognition ensures fairness. Certainly, there is some value in an organization staging a “get out the vote” campaign — and success in a popular vote initiative certainly helps justify the win. But there is no reason why a smaller organization with an excellent blog should lose out to a big company with many employees, suppliers, and consultants all “supporting” the organization that pays them.

There’s no cost to enter the blog. You can enter your own blog or you can nominate one or more that you like. While you can nominate as many blogs as you like (and vote for as many as you like in your single ballot), you can vote only once — at least once for an email address. (Yes, I’m aware there are opportunities for abuse here if someone wants to game the system with multiple emails from the same person/group — but this sort of fraud will ultimately fail to overcome the fact that the blog also will be reviewed by independent judges.)

The judges look at the overall quality, relevance and effectiveness of the blog and the combination of popular and judged voting determines the finalist rankings.

Qualifying blogs should primarily serve or represent architectural, engineering or construction businesses.? The nomination deadline is midnight on January 31.

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