The 90 day crash course in construction marketing: Day 1


I am going out on a limb here.  The suggestion:  Clear an hour of thinking time every day for the next three months (yes, if you are religious, you can take a break on your day of rest each week).  For most of us, the ideal time will be early in the morning, an hour before your current ?wake up? time.  This is because this is the one time of day when you can avoid distractions and it is also the point when you will notice the greatest shock between intensity (waking up, getting the family up, school, pets, work etc).  I also realize this hour may be very early for construction business owners who must be at the job site for the start of dawn.  But it is important time, nonetheless.

Use this time in three blocks:

Organizing and waking up . Maybe have some coffee you brewed the night before, use the washroom, read your early emails, etc.  (15 minutes)

Contemplation, meditation, and scheduling. Give yourself a few minutes to zone out, then review your day?s plans and prepare for the day ahead ? with a review (and writing) of any goals you wish to achieve (keep the goals to one or two). (15 minutes)

Reading, learning and/or writing. This is the time to read on marketing (or if you are not much of a reader, listen to audio tapes with a head set) and, if you wish, to do some writing ? for me it is blog time!

The idea of this time is to give it to yourself, to think, reflect, goal-set and plan ahead.  If you have my Construction Marketing Ideas book (or the books of other writers on relevant topics), now is the time to catch a chapter or two.

Your first (and only immediate) commitment is to maintain this discipline for three months.  Most people won?t.  But unlike other goals and objectives, this one is absolutely under your control.  ?Sleeping in? of course is not an excuse ? you can?t be late for work, so why can?t you get up an hour earlier?  The objective here is to set a goal that is attainable and realistic that requires some degree of sacrifice.  To find the waking time for this hour, you may need to go to bed an hour earlier or give up an hour of television or computer games or other ?wasted? activity the night before.

Who said change is easy?  Who said I could wave a magic wand and give you the easy solution to your marketing questions you can implement without any effort on your part?

P.S. If you wish to embark on this journey and would like me to remind you and communicate with you directly, please feel free to email me at You will, of course, force my hand ? because I will then, also, need to practice what I am preaching.  And, yes, if no one responds, I might just let things slip.  I?m human, as well, you know.

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