The 2015 Best Construction Blog competition: Nominations and publicity

Construction Contract Advisor blog
Craig Martin's Construction Contract Advisor won the 2014 competition
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The 2015 Best Construction Blog competition nominations have opened

Nominations for the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition have opened, and continue until Jan. 31. (Voting starts Feb 1 and continues through February and March.)

You can nominate your own blog or one that you like. The focus should be related to the architectural, engineering and construction community and the blog can either be business-to-business or consumer focused.

Construction Contract Advisor blog
Craig Martin’s Construction Contractor Advisor won the 2014 competition

Judging is a combination of popular vote and an independent judging panel — you need to be among the top six “popular vote” finalists to have a reasonable chance at the judging process. (We’ll recognize the popular vote data with live running reports and recognize the importance of popular voting in the results, yet want to be confident that the blog truly is great and success doesn’t entirely relate to a massive get-out-the-vote campaign.)

The blog should be genuine, with original content and some regular updating frequency.

Finally, you should be sure to nominate your favourite blog before the deadline. We received some late submissions last year and had to tell the bloggers to wait until the next year’s competition.

Advantages of entering the competition:

No cost:?No entry fee or award recognition fee.

Free publicity: We’ll review all qualified blogs during the competition and you can post the review link as you wish (with source credit of course.) Finalists, of course, receive additional recognition and publicity.

Simple entry process: The judging evaluation is based on your published blog, not your entry submittal — so you don’t need to sweat the process.

SEO: Hyperlinks and recognition. We’ll include each entry blog in our permanent (free) construction blog directory, plus the review we write will contain additional hyperlinks — all helpful to your Search Engine Optimization initiatives.

Bragging rights: You’ll be able to share the news with current and potential clients — and bask in the glory of being the best.

See the 2014 finalists/report here.

Here’s the nomination form. If you have any questions about the process, please email

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