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The Korte Company's blog describes how founder Ralph Korte discovered the value of formal education

General contractor The Korte Company has published its blog for several years, and it has entered and done well in the Best Construction Blog competition with successful results.

The blog’s quality is defined by its depth and story-telling capacities. I’ve read few business start-up and growth stories as moving as How education changed the direction of The Korte Company, which explains how Ralph Korte — who initially didn’t complete high school — graduated with a business degree as he was building his young contracting business.

The story reminds us that the right combination of book learning and street smarts or practical education is often the best way to achieve success.

I’m certainly thankful that I graduated from university, but even more importantly could travel overseas and live through the end of the Rhodesia/Zimbabwe war to learn things that you can’t uncover in any university library (other than, in my case, at The University of Rhodesia in 1978).

Korte, on the other hand, served military obligations in the Korean War and started his post-secondary education with a field business law course before finding his way back home, starting at the local community college and ultimately completing a business degree. The story concludes with an observation of how his recognition of the value of education came full circle — I’ll let you read it for yourself.

Great blogs often tell great business stories, and I think the Korte blog deserves an “A” for its writing and content quality.

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