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Ontario Construction Report October issue

October issue of Ontario Construction Report

The Construction News and Report Group business behind this blog publishers regional (and national) construction industry newspapers and magazines. ?Newspaper? and ?magazine? perhaps should be put in quotes. While we still print these publications ? and especially for our regional publications, mail them through the conventional post office, increasingly the readership is online.

You?ll notice different formats and layouts for the online editions. Ottawa Construction News, Ontario Construction Report and GTA Construction Report are published online with a simple layout and page-turning software. The layout for Canadian Design and Construction Report and North Carolina Construction News follows a different model, shared with Northern Ontario Construction News. Contractors are currently preparing a next generation website, initially for the new South Carolina Construction News. Ultimately, all of the publications should be redesigned to match the new website templates . . . but, just as we get closer to the current model, new ideas, technologies and search engine optimization guidelines may prevail.

In other words, you will notice the challenge of maintaining and updating the publications and websites is an ongoing exercise.

These experiences may influence your own thoughts regarding technology, websites, blogging and construction marketing. Notably, and an interesting challenge, I sense the lead generation from our ?old? sites is better than the new ones ? but that may relate to the publications, their readership and focus, than the sites themselves. We?ll want to test results to assess effectiveness.

Stay tuned.

If you have a website development success (or horror) story to share, please feel free to comment or email buckshon@constructionmarketingideas.com.

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