Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Digging into hit rates: The devil is in the details

In the previous post, I reported on Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)?Foundation research about hit rates. The report provides some industry-wide benchmarks, indicating...

The debrief: Can you read between the lines?

Matt Handal?has written recently about the debriefing?process -- the opportunity you have after a competition (generally for public-sector work) has concluded for you to...

Quotable quotes: How to uncover your marketing inspiration

After reviewing Matt Handal's interview with Robert Cialdini, I've been experimenting with marketing materials that apply Ciladini's "pre-suasion" concepts: Sharing apparently unrelated information or...

Thought leadership, populism, publicity and their amazing marketing opportunities and challenges

There have been many surprises in the past couple of years, where the world defied expectations. Canada (where I live), moved from an alt-right...

Best laid plans: When you need to prepare for the unexpected

There are paradoxes in business planning. You set out your expectations, budget, and schedule, prepare your resources, and then discover (generally) things don't quite...