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Hensel Phelps Pacific Region used Synchro Software to plan and successfully execute the renovation of a hanger in Pearl Harbor, HI with increased safety and more efficient production.

The Syncrho Software blog provides an intriguing and colorful entry-point to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its practical access/opportunities for the construction industry. Reasonably, the blog focuses on Syncrho Software’s own products — so there is a natural bias and focus on its project management and scheduling services. However, while in some cases I believe a blog is best if it avoids a company-centric product marketing approach, in this context, I think Syncrho Software gets it right.

The reason: If you are exploring or considering implementing BIM solutions, you can be overwhelmed with data and options. I sense this volume may cause inertia and inaction — “It’s too complicated for me.” Synchro Software simplifies the process of understanding BIM’s application, making it easier for you to take the leap into the new world.

As an example, consider this checklist:

Here is a 10 point checklist to determine if 4D BIM is right for you:

  1. Do you believe a validated and reliable schedule provides a foundation for successful project delivery? ??On most projects today, schedules often follow rather than lead the project.? ?With the tools currently employed on most projects, project participants see more work than benefit from the schedule,? they take a more passive role; doing the minimum to keep the scheduler off their backs.? They end up doing what makes sense in their own limited view, regardless of the wellbeing of the overall project.??? ?Clearly this needs to be fixed.
  2. Does your schedule clearly identify safety issues, congestion, and no work zones to minimize risks and hazardous conditions? Does the safety team understand and participate in early review of the plan?
  3. Are temporary works, resources and equipment included and optimized in your schedule? There are significant potential savings here.
  4. Can you easily identify space/time conflicts early in the planning stage so they can be resolved when costs are at their lowest?
  5. Does the project delivery team engage and share knowledge to optimize the plan for the overall project rather than protecting their silos?
  6. Are your subcontractors and specialty suppliers receiving up to date progress reports to ensure maximum productivity and cost efficiency on site?
  7. Do you communicate clearly and efficiently ensuring the entire delivery team has a shared understanding of the project approach?
  8. Are you confident that you can deliver every project on time?
  9. Have you reviewed ?what if? scenarios to enable informed and proactive decisions if things don?t go as planned?
  10. Are you innovating at every stage to ensure peak performance?

If you answered ?Yes? to question 1 and ?No? to any of questions 2-10, you should start a pilot project using 4D Scheduling and Project Management.? Don?t wait, just get started, the results will surprise you.

Sure, Syncrho Software wants you to decide that their product is the one to use — but the advice here really applies for anyone who may be on the edge of finally implementing a BIM service.d

I really enjoyed the images and layout of this blog, as well as its content.

We are in the final stages for voting for the 2016 competition. I have three more blogs to review and will complete these in the next week.

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