Surprises and business resilience

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planning meeting
One of our previous annual planning meetings.

Sometimes surprises happen. They can be good, and not so good. This weekend, I encountered a “not so good” discovery that will put my business skills to a test. Details don’t need to be disclosed in a public blog, though certainly the company’s key employees and contractors are learning about the issue. If someone was to ask who is responsible for this surprise, I would simply say, “me” — as I am responsible for the business.

Over the years, thankfully, I’ve learned some basic crisis management skills, which have tested well in life. (In fact, almost every “crisis” I’ve experienced has resulted in rewarding and positive responses. However, I’ll be putting these rules into effect now, and through the next few weeks/months as we work through the challenges.

Ownership and participation in the solution is everyone’s opportunity.

The solution to the challenges for a business will result from the cohesive and co-operative efforts of everyone involved in the organization. A well-run business should empower employees and contractors to think independently to come up with cohesive solutions.

Many minds are better than one.

We’ll convene an emergency planning meeting for the individuals most affected by this crisis. Some parts of the business are not affected. These individuals will know about the issues, and can participate in the solution, but won’t be dragged into it. However the group that is affected will have the opportunity to firm up some creative and shared solutions to minimize hardship and maximize potential.

We need to be decisive.

We might want this problem to go away, and there are still some answered questions about how it came to be. However, while things may correct naturally (time often heals), we cannot ignore the warning signs, and fail to respond in a creative and proactive way. ?If we do, however, we can confidently achieve a solution — though it may not be the preconceived answer that seems right at first thought.

I’m optimistic we’ll solve the challenges ahead.

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