Stupid (smart) construction marketing: It really isn’t that hard — three quick tips

istock discussing the project
Relationships on the job site, and in the office, count for much in building your client experience, and attracting repeat and referral business.

ConstructionYou don’t need to be a genius to be an effective architectural, engineering and construction marketer.

Here are three quick tips.

Great marketing should overlay great client experiences

Simply put, before you spend a cent on external marketing, look at the way you treat/relate to your current clients. Get the basics right (returning calls promptly, cleaning up job sites each day, delivering/exceeding your promises, with respect and enjoyment.) ?You won’t get far with client churn, but you will with repeat and referred business (which you can and should rationally encourage as your first marketing priorities.)

Focus on what you can give/share help, rather than sell

I can’t overrate the paradoxical value of genuine, heart-based community service and charitable support. You can’t do this with expectation of return. Your success measure, if financial, would be the amount you raise for the charity, not your own business. Yet, as you work on these initiatives, you’ll discover surprising results as potential clients are happy to do business with you and you meet movers and shakers you would otherwise never know. Besides, the good-will spreads among your employees.

Learn from experts, develop a plan and then measure your success

If you serve the ICI market, you should check out your local Society for Marketing Professional Services chapter. There are well-rated books, courses and services you can purchase/absorb. If you belong to relevant associations you may be able to meet and spend time with market leaders in other communities — even your own if you aren’t direct competitors. Then formulate your strategy into a plan, with a budget and objectives. This will take a few hours or perhaps a day or two; but will give you your guidelines and objectives and help you avoid spreading yourself thin with various solicitations, offers, and promises.

My brief e-book on social media marketing may provide some important clues, as well.

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