Specifics and generalities: The limitations (and strengths) of knowing the rule-book

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There’s a paradox in writing a blog like this one. In one respect, the blog’s goal is to dispense worthy ideas and solutions for construction marketing challenges. And over the years there have been some worthy reports and great ideas shared and implemented.

However, every now and then, I sense that readers would like something a bit different — an easy-to-implement (even better effortless, both in time and money) — answer to bring in profitable clients, great success, and work fulfilment.

So we search out and sometimes discover these stories: Architectural, engineering and construction businesses seemingly enjoying great success, even in challenging economic conditions. Yet, obviously, if you could replicate their success easily, then there would be no meaningful definition of success.

That is why I am cautious in dispensing advice, and certainly urge caution when you request or receive suggestions to solve your business and marketing challenges. Sometimes, indeed, a simple fix may be right under your nose. Usually, however, the answer that may be correct for one organization won’t quite work for anyone else — even though the general success principles can be outlined and explained.

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