Contractors’ SEO: 20 effective and simple techniques from Brian Javeline


Michael Stone reminded me after a posting where I suggested that SEO is largely about engagement and content, that Brian Javeline ( has some useful resources for contractors who want to avoid lead-generation service abuses and manage their websites for business-building effectiveness.

This video summarizes the basic techniques, which (while geared to residential contractors), have application in the ICI world, especially for subtrades and supplier businesses.

This stuff isn’t too mysterious once you spend some time and a bit of effort to understand it. It isn’t that hard, as I have discovered, to even reach the expert stage. (I became a Top Contributor on Google’s ad-serving help forums some years ago, and that status has allowed me to visit Google HQ on several occasions at the search engine company’s expense. And at the last meetup, Google staff announced they are encouraging others to get involved and join the program.)

Why should you spend time learning about website, social media and video SEO and marketing? Once you have things in place, you’ll discover that the online resources will be your most cost-effective business building tools after the standbys of repeat and referral marketing (and at the effectiveness or greater of community/association marketing.) Consultants such as Javeline can certainly help you on your way.

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