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Construction 2.0 blogI just discovered Vancouver-B.C. based Michael Max Buehler’s??blog focusing on social media in the construction industry, Construction 2.0. I’ve enjoyed his international perspective.

The blog includes some case studies, videos, and other resources. Probably the most notable feature, however, is his reports of the limited successful application of social media in the AEC industry.

For example, consider his posting,?How are the top construction companies in the UK applying Social Media?

Nick Pauley’s analysis shows that the top 15 construction companies are actually applying Social Media. However, without actively engaging with the online community. It also appears that the firms “only do it because everybody is doing it” without any creative integration of Social Media in their business and marketing strategy. Apparently, with their approach to Social Media those companies gamble away substantial opportunities and expose themselves to a significant business risk by not monitoring and guiding the online discussions on their social media sites!

Alas, the blog doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2010 — and in the world of social media, that is more like a few decades.

If he had maintained the blog, it could have been a contender for the Best Construction Blog 2014 competition.

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