Sleeper information (if you are interested in government work in the US southeast) from FEDCON

Mark Mills, SBTDC/PTAC Program Director, North Carolina State University and Ariana BillingsleyAriana Billingsley, SBTDC/PTAC Counselor, East Carolina University, conversing with Mildred Quinley from the federal General Services Administration (GSA).

Through the day at FEDCON in Wilmington, various government officials and procurement specialists outlined the massive procurement plans for military and government projects in FY 2017. The details are dauntingly complex, reflecting the scale, diversity and challenges of procurement and winning work in the public sector. There are different rules based on the project scale, whether the contractor (or subtrade) fits into special subcategories, such as for women, minority, disabled, and/or small business) and whether the best route to go for a potential supplier is as a subtrade/supplier (especially if you belong in one of the set-aside categories) or to bid directly for the work.

So much material was presented in the different sessions that only a person with extreme photographic memory could even think of capturing a portion of the details. So, with permission from the contracting authorities (and with all non-public-release material scrubbed out), FEDCON has posted the various procurement details on a website page that isn’t widely advertised. While intended for people who attended the event, it isn’t a secret, so I link it here.

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