Sleeknote: Is it sleek for you?

A screen grab from the home page

There are a variety of tools and services designed to enhance your website and online marketing effectiveness.?, a tool which allows you to design forms and conversion messages to turn initial inquiries into email list names (or better, orders) is one of them.

Like many of these services, there is an enticing free introductory sign up (no credit card required) based on some rather well-designed blogging and promoting. The idea: You’ll love the tool so much that after the start-up trial, you’ll be ready to fork over between $69 and $729 a month — or more — for the service. (I expect most small businesses would do just fine with the $69 offer; the higher-end would be for truly incredible volumes and, I presume, the cost would be a drop in the bucket of the overall revenue.

Can I say that Sleeknote really is worth the money? Alas, in the need/value equation, it wasn’t great enough for me to go through the set-up learning curve. I’m not really interested in spending $69 a month for anything online. (As an extreme example, while many people use third-party email delivery services for monthly fees in this range, I purchased Mailwizz software, self-host it, and the total installation cost was a one-time $50 fee. (There are other costs, of course, in maintaining and managing the list so the savings are nowhere near that extreme.)

These observations made, has a really well written (and designed) blog. It’s worth reading. And, for you, it may be worth paying the monthly fee for the ongoing service.

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