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Sinai Construction’s focus (and blog’s purpose) is clear — attracting qualified clients for foundation repair services in the Los Angeles, California, area. This is ?a challenging market, both for its size and the needle-in-haystack process of connecting and building trust with new customers.

The result: ?A blog that has been designed for search engine optimization as it provides background information and credentials to validate the company’s service offerings, including references to positive social media and review sites.

These matters are especially challenging in that the repair process (done properly) can be expensive, the work often requires diagnosing of hidden problems, and there are plenty of fly-by-night contractors willing to undercut on price to win the work, only who fail to deliver anything useful.

See this blog reference, Foundation Repair Mistakes Homeowners Should be Aware of, for example:

The sad truth is, a lot of homeowners with foundation and structural problems find themselves paying a lot more for foundation repair because of errors like the ones mentioned above.? But the sadder truth is that these mistakes can be easily avoided.

You see, homeowners usually make foundation repair contractor selection decisions based mainly on price, when they should in fact consider this factor in the context in which it is offered or quoted.

What I?m saying is, if you are offered a repair proposal by two contractors, do not look only at the bottom line but also at the details. How good and thorough were the inspectors? What exactly is the problem? Is there an underlying cause? What are the solutions being offered? What materials are going to be used? In other words, you need to scrutinize the foundation repair proposal; if there?s something you don?t understand, ask and learn the answer before you decide. If there?s a great difference in prices, take out both proposals and ask the contractors directly why. Of course, you also need to decide who?s telling the truth or not (that?s where consulting other, uninvolved experts will come in handy).

In the case of foundation repair, you should never ever decide based on price alone. With much at stake, cheaper isn?t always better and it pays to prioritize competence and integrity when canvassing around for foundation contractors.

If you suspect you have a foundation problem or if you want to know what needs to be done to repair your home?s foundation,?call Sinai Construction today for an inspection.

If you are in a market outside of southern California (or your business in the metropolitan Los Angeles area has nothing to do with foundation repairs) you might want to review the Sinai construction site as part of your research of best practices for construction blogs.

Voting for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition continues until March 31. ?You can vote here.

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