Simple marketing: One, two, three

one two three

one two threeLet’s keep it simple. Here are the basics of a successful marketing initiative

One: Focus (niche) — define your market/speciality/unique advantage closely and simply.

It isn’t “we can do everything” — it is truly specialized, where you can validly claim leadership in expertise and capacity. In some cases, the niches are small, but you can set up different campaigns to support the different niches. And you can certainly cross-sell to existing clients; though you won’t get far in your marketing unless you can define your speciality.

Two: Really deliver the service; if you can create WOW wonderful experiences for your clients, you will win.

This isn’t saying “we deliver great customer service” — it is, in fact, truly delivering the service. ?The customers will return, refer, and provide testimonials.

Three: Embrace digital media.

You can publish a solid and effective website for $500 or less. Social media can enhance and expand your referral processes exponentially. And you can gather immediate feedback and adjust/modify your marketing and paid advertising strategies.

Put the One, Two, Three together, and you’ll be on your way to construction marketing success.

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