Should you pay to boost your Facebook posts?


This question has two answers.

The first, of course, is whether you want to spend money to enhance your social media promotions by giving Facebook your money? ?If you answer “yes” to that question, the obvious next one is this: “What is the wisest way to spend your advertising investment?”

The first question involves thoughts about budget, discipline, measurement and thinking about your objectives. If you aren’t ready to do that sort of analysis, then you are probably throwing good money after bad.

And that leads to the second question.

If you are serious about spending money on advertising (and it certainly can be worthwhile if you are thoughtful), just because Facebook makes it easy through its own advertising promotions to “boost” your post, you are much better off regarding the boost posting as a conventional Facebook advertisement, and optimizing it using the tools available for full-scale advertising investments.

These points are reflected in this?MyMarketology Lab video, which makes the point that while you certainly can increase the engagement with Facebook post boosting, if your objectives are different — like achieving actual sales or lead inquiry conversions — you can use the other tools within the full advertising console to achieve the results you wish — and you can more accurately control your budget.

So . . . take your time and think about how you want to advertise, if you wish to use social media. And if you are tempted to “boost” your post — think again — and go back to square one and consider your overall advertising budget and intentions

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