Short, medium and long-term: Three simple construction marketing tips


Here are three common-sense ideas to enhance your marketing effectiveness without burning your budget, ranging from short to long-term impact

Quick hit – Develop a campaign for your current clients

You’ll have the greatest immediate success by developing an opportunity/option for your current clients. Most successful businesses collect most of their revenue from repeat/referral clients, and active marketing to your current clients will have the greatest immediate impact.

Perhaps you have a new product/service, or a seasonal offer, or you can offer a maintenance contract/service. Or you might elect to co-ordinate a client thank you event, where you can encourage visits from friends and colleagues — creating referral options. Your chances of success short-term here are truly high.

Medium term – Look closely at your website, social media and online marketing

You want control over your internet traffic, so you should avoid third-party services that take over your domain/trade identity. Website set up and social media marketing need not be expensive; but even if you elect to work with a full service agency and pay all the markup, the cost will be relatively insignificant compared to most forms of conventional advertising. Consider a service such as Brian Javaline’s My Online Toolbox as an option.

Longer term — Explore community and client-focused association connections

Consider ongoing engagement and support for charity, community groups and associations that reflect both your (including your employees) and your potential clients’ values and demographics. However, be aware that you need to have selfless intent, so the payoff from your support and participation will generally be indirect rather than immediate.

However, I know of few better ways to build your brand and long-term sustainability than by a sincere connection and support for worthy causes and organizations associated with your employees and clients. In fact, in 30 years of business, if I was to calculate the best long-term return-on-investment and profitability, it would be from this source.

There you have it. A short, medium and long-term approach to marketing challenges. Which steps can you take today to implement these strategies?

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