Seven days in two hours (or a week’s work in a flash)

Adriatic Sea
The bay of Kotor in the southern Adriatic Sea. We'll visit here.
The Bay of Kotor in the southern Adriatic Sea. We’ll visit here.

In a few hours, we’ll be on a boat sailing through the Adriatic Sea. There will be some Internet service on the ship — but the cruise company marketing material honestly warns that the service will be slow, expensive, and not terribly reliable.

The challenge: Should this blog also take a week’s vacation as well, or should it continue? I didn’t know until now what the answer would be, but in an intense 90 minute writing session, I’ve managed to set up entries for the next week.

The reason for this effort relates to a concept that is important in marketing: Consistency. Although few people should even think of producing a daily blog, as I’ve been a writer/journalist all my adult life and have maintained this blog on a daily schedule since 2006, it doesn’t seem right or fair — or consistent — to just take a week off because I’m on vacation.

The answer: use the WordPress’s forward posting options, and write the stuff ahead of time. I’ll still get my vacation, but you’ll receive your daily blog — and we’ll maintain consistency.

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