Scarcity, opportunity and reputation (putting the construction marketing pieces together)

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feedback formHere are three elements that you might want to consider in deciding you construction marketing priorities for 2014.


Basic law of economics: If something is in high demand and there is low supply, prices go up. The marketing challenge, then, is to determine a quality that is in high demand but your competitors aren’t doing. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a ?fortune but you certainly need to be different from the rest. Often good ideas can be borrowed from other industries or communities — sometimes your employees have a unique combination of skills and experience.


Things happen. Opportunity sometimes falls into your lap, because of place, time, circumstances and, yes, even luck. ?You need to be able to capitalize on opportunities when they arise and not be afraid to break your systems/rules — without, however, putting your core business at risk.


Long term, there is no more powerful marketing strength than your reputation. You can blow this reputation with carelessness, but if you’ve earned a great reputation through your integrity and work quality, your marketing challenges are much easier to maintain. Live by your word.

There . . . three simple concepts for effective marketing. Do you have others you would like to add? ?Please feel free to comment or email me at

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