Same rules, different businesses . . . “results may vary”

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abstract structureI can argue that marketing rules are universal and you can rightfully respond: “My business is different,” and we are both correct. You can even see the seeming contradiction in a phrase like Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – the marketing guideline that you need to say, do, claim and promote at least one quality of your business that is so out-of-the-ordinary that you stand out as having a unique (and even dramatic) advantage over your competition.

These observations create challenges for anyone wishing to offer or implement construction marketing suggestions. You can gather the tried and true strategies from people like me, and try to implement them, and possibly fail because your business has underlying challenges. Or you could contract with a consultant who sets up and advocates a solution, but you simply don’t act on it — or the answer is sabotaged — because you have a different focus, values or perception (or simply are too comfortable with things the way they are.)

Then, added to the problem take into account the limitations and advantages of delegation. Some contractors decide (or are sold by snake-oil sales reps) that they need to improve their website’s search engine rankings. The contractors then go out and and seek to push out their inbound links.

Every week, I receive two or three unsolicited inquiries offering “unique content” for free. And I treat every one of these inquiries as spam.

Then, consider the contradictory limitations of relying on friends, colleagues and others close to you for marketing advice and consultation. These services may be good — for your friends — but do they match your own business.

Is there a better answer?

I think the right approach combines some independent thinking, discipline, willingness to take some risks, and equally your having a strong sense of what matters most to you, even as you are able to let go of your conventions and go with the flow.

Most importantly, while you can apply some general principles to your marketing, it never hurts to delve into specific aspects of your business/challenge, and focus extra attention with consultants who specialize in these areas, if they are critical to your business.

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