Returning home: Future journeys

Charlotte-Douglas Airport
Charlotte-Douglas Airport atrium
Charlotte-Douglas Airport
Charlotte-Douglas Airport atrium

Travel days combine stress and excitement. Yesterday morning, I woke up in a hotel room in Charlotte, NC. I arrived at our home in Ottawa just in time for dinner with wife, son, and dog. In between, I managed a room service breakfast, some editing and review of our publications, and plenty of somewhat-harried travel. ?My flight home connected through New York LaGuardia and (as frequent travellers know), this is an airport where you should expect flight delays. In my case, however, the inbound flight was late but the onward connection to Ottawa was not — meaning I had a tight connection; indeed, especially since the arriving and departing flights were in different terminals with separate security clearances.

LaGuardia Airport
LaGuardia — New York

Still, it all worked– I reached the Ottawa-bound gate just as the flight was boarding, my home-bound flight left and arrived on time, and the Nexus card operated exactly as it should at customs in Canada — resulting in exceptionally rapid clearance. ?. . . home for dinner.

There are legacies and opportunities from the trip, of course. I discovered that our South Carolina publisher Brian Gallagher has published a book Leading with Marketing:?The Resource for Creating, Building and Managing Successful Architecture/Engineering/Construction Marketing Programs, predating my work by about a year. Last night, I purchased and downloaded the Kindle version, and am reading it. (It’s good, indeed, and worthy of a positive review, which I will complete next week.)

I discovered on the airplane, as I reached for my wallet to pay for a drink, that I had mislaid the SunTrust Visa Checkcard that I use to pay for US travel expenses, but sorted that out quickly last night as I waited at a Tim Hortons while Eric attended a hockey practice at an arena distant from our home. Today, beyond some rest and family time, I’ll work on the final editing and review of our Canadian publications’ December issues.

Ottawa airport
Ottawa’s airport control tower (but thankfully the snow hasn’t settled yet)

These are rambling, personal thoughts, of course, and break this blog’s general rule of providing ?tangible and focused information about construction marketing in each posting.In part this self-focused posting reflects some weekend laziness. The other aspect is that it reflects life as it is, not as some managed image and we all live in this combination of personal, business, minor, important, routine and surprising moments. Yesterday certainly reflected these experiences.


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