Returning home from Israel

Hebron view
A Palestinian trader in Hebron’s H2-area market

Readers accustomed to daily updates may have noticed the radio silence through much of the past week. Right now, I’m at Amsterdam airport, returning home from the week in Israel.

It seemed during the time oversees that regular daily blog postings focusing on construction marketing would require quite a stretch — and the observations, both personal and political, of Israel really belonged in another forum rather than a construction marketing blog. As well, of course, it is the Christmas holiday break, and many readers (and certainly my own business) takes this time off for family and personal time.

I’ll return home this evening, and tomorrow (New Years Eve), will be catching up on personal business and re-adjusting to the jet lag. The regular daily blog will resume January 1. In the meantime, if you want to read something about Israel, and the story of the Hebron complexity, you can see it here.

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