Returning home

On the Adriatic Sea approaching Dubrovnik
On the Adriatic Sea approaching Dubrovnik

The three-week vacation in the Netherlands, Croatia and the Adriatic is almost over. We have a flight to Zagreb, Croatia tonight before returning to Canada via Frankfurt tomorrow. I’ve sought to keep this blog “alive” during my absence with some pre-set posts, and gathered a few insights for future entries. Today, however, my mind is focused on the mechanics of travel coupled with a need for some rest and “unwind” time.

Of course, it is good to be able to take vacations, and especially last week, be able to leave the business in the hands of employees and contractors without my need to micromanage the details. Vacations also refresh and rejuvenate and set the stage for creative innovation.

There isn’t too much “serious” to say here however today. I’ll write a few somewhat more comprehensive words tomorrow during our four-hour break in Frankfurt.


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