Restoring service (and managing change)

The website. This Internet Service Provider gets it right.

It is rare that there is a three day-gap in postings on this blog; during that time, if you visited the site you would have noticed irregularities — either a “home page” with no visible content, or an unusual story layout or (worse) for blocks of time, nothing at all.

In fact, the Construction Marketing Ideas blog turned out to be the biggest visible victim”of our server change-over which started with an unwelcome spam throttle on our emails at our old Internet Service Provider, and then grew into a bigger problem with its inability to manage the SSL encryption for one of our new sites (which has the same migration issue as this blog, but since it is a new and not-visible site it is less critical.)

Technical problems like this can consume hours of frustrating time. Around my home (and business), I’ve become the person people go to when they have problems making things work. (This skill is far from my natural expertise as a writer.) But I really don’t know what I’m doing, at least compared to a contractor from Lagos, Nigeria, Akpan Promise, who I initially hired through to solve a technical problem a year or so ago.

In dollar terms, I pay him very well — at least by third-world IT service standards. However, I expect his expertise in the North American context would cost at least an order of magnitude more. I’m also, as mentioned in my last post, super-impressed with our new ISP, Hostwinds. The technical support’s speed and responsiveness has been truly impressive.

Now I can get caught back up with the real work of running the business. Phew. It’s been a rough few days. Glad they are done now.

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