Resourceful (but wasted?) Youtube marketing


This piece of viral marketing is lots of fun.  You?ll see as it proceeds how you are engaged in the story and, when you reach the ?conclusion? you can spend endless time figuring out variations ? some that aren?t suitable for polite company ? to add to the fun.  So what?s wrong, you might say, with this resourcefulness?

Well. this marketing is to support a brand of white-out fluid, the sort that we used to use in offices to correct typing errors.  Sure, there is still some limited demand for this type of commodity product, but how many people viewing Youtube videos are likely to be among the primary clients.

Then again, the production costs ? while certainly more significant than most Internet videos ? are obviously a whole lot less than the air-time costs of conventional broadcast media.  There are clues here about the multi-faceted marketing opportunities available to resourceful businesses on the Internet.  Enjoy.

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