Ready mixed concrete association embraces social media


Here is a news release we received yesterday from the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO).

RMCAO launches social media campaign

RMCAO enhances online presence with social media tools to extend the association?s reach, value and ability to serve industry and members.

MISSISSAUGA ON, November 7, 2012 ? The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO) has begun the first wave of social media campaign designed to extend the association?s reach, value and ability to serve the industry and members more effectively and more completely than ever before. Through the association?s involvement with LinkedIn, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter the industry will experience enhanced capabilities for networking, education and staying informed on RMCAO activities and events.

Individuals receive vast amounts of information daily. As technology has increased the number of means of communication social media has become a quick, effective tool to disseminate pertinent information that directly impacts the industry in a concise, comprehendible manner.

The association currently manages a LinkedIn profile offering followers the opportunity to connect and interact with one another in an online, professional format. Expanding your network of industry experts provides the ability to share advice, discover inside connections and new opportunities. Follow the RMCAO at

You Tube is now a highly searched online engine for visual education and learning in the construction and building materials industry. RMCAO plans to post best practices and how-to tutorials on their YouTube page along with the latest industry news and event updates. Subscribe to the RMCAO YouTube channel at:

RMCAO?s company page on Facebook is where the business community can stay informed on the RMCAO activities, network and build relationships. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos. The RMCAO Facebook page provides additional information about events, industry newsletter signup and relevant media while learning more about fellow followers and members of the industry. Like RMCAO for updates at:

In addition, the association is using Twitter to provide members with short, timely bytes of information impacting the industry. Whether it?s a key issue facing the Province or business community, sharing member projects, press releases or providing and passing on expertise, Twitter provides that quick informational channel. Follow the RMCAO on Twitter at

The association will actively promote industry events, projects and provide educational content and encourages the industry to participate. ?The RMCAO prides itself on being a progressive association and recognizes the importance of innovation and using a variety of tools to communicate with the industry, including social media,? said marketing and communications director Tom Bellis. By engaging in social media the RMCAO is able to take communications and networking to the next level for the industry. Along with our website,, the use of these social media platforms is just another way the RMCAO continues to distribute information online and stays up-to-date with current industry needs.

What do you think?  Do you know of other associations who are also reporting social media initiatives?

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