Quotable quotes: How to uncover your marketing inspiration


After reviewing Matt Handal’s interview with Robert Cialdini, I’ve been experimenting with marketing materials that apply Ciladini’s “pre-suasion” concepts: Sharing apparently unrelated information or messaging (to the intended marketing message) to sway perceptions and increase the intended message’s reception.

Cialdini suggests inspirational quotes from third-parties may provide the necessary communication power.

Where can you find these quotes?

The answer: (simply quick) — Google.

I keyed in “great marketing quotes” (as the message I’m writing is to help our advertising representatives with a marketing piece promoting paid publicity in our regional publications) and discovered this site: 75 Quotes to Inspire Marketing Greatness.

Of ?course, in using this material, you should be aware of copyright and ensure proper attribution. But you should be okay in using a reasonable amount of this material in your own copy under the fair use rules.

You may find more relevant quotes for your intended message, of course, by keying in the relevant search words. Voila — a simple solution to what could have been a challenging research problem.

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