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preptofinishI hesitated briefly before posting this entry. ?Is a blog, or simply a well-organized site designed to promote its vocational training service for painting and finishing vocational students? Then the insight — the borderline between a great blog and site can be truly shaded in subtlety, because blog design technology and tools has become close to the model used for conventional websites.

(Certainly we have based our own sites on the blog framework. If you look at sites such as and, you won’t see a reference to a blog — except in a link to this one! — but all the site are built on the wordpress blog template.)

So, when does a site become a blog, or a blog become a site, or . . . well, you get the question? ?An obvious give-away is when site owners call their sites blogs; but other clues include the frequency and reliability of news updates, the ability to accept and encourage comments and readership response, and a topical/active rather than passive approach to content development.

On these grounds, probably is on the borderline. No comments or reader interaction (as far as aI can tell), but reasonably frequent updatings, and lots of content. So it is worthy of being part of the Best Construction Blog competition.

The design is excellent and the content undoubtedly worthwhile. See for yourself.

Voting continues for the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition through March 31.You can vote for your favourite blogs here.

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