Preparing for the presentation


construct canada 2011 presentationToday, I spent several hours rehearsing and preparing for my presentation to Construct Canada about Strategic Alliance Best Practices for Architectural, Engineering and Construction, based on my SMPS Foundation white paper.

Presentation preparation isn?t something to short-cut, I learned the hard way last year.  Then, I proposed a presentation based on my Construction Marketing Ideas book, and thought I could simply adapt the material from other presentations earlier in the year.  Big mistake.  I failed to take into account the audience?s character, the actual amount of time I would be ?on stage? and (most disturbingly) the technical challenges of using a Mac in a PC-focused environment.  Add the mix, I misjudged the appropriateness of allowing some scantily clad females to be my assistants.

This year, I?ve set out to get back to the basics, rehearsing the presentation for flow and timing, relevance and substance.  I also of course need to weave my marketing intent/message into the program ? without coming off like I am there to push our publications/advertising on the audience.

There?s still lots of work to do ? editing and correcting some rather glaring typos in the slides for example.  And I need to have some contingency plans should the Internet connection, a key component for several visuals and videos, not be operating properly.  However, I?m reasonably confident today that I?ll be ready for the big show.

Why do this stuff?  Well, even though things didn?t go that well last year, after the event, we realized several thousand dollars in business.  Nothing is more motivating than achieving success when you think you have failed.  However, I wonder how much better the results could have been if I had taken the time to prepare properly.

If you wish to attend, please feel free to register at the Construct Canada site (Construct Canada retains 100 per cent of the registration fees.)  If you can?t be in Toronto on Dec. 1, I?ll present a modified version of the seminar in a webinar a week later on Dec. 7.  You can register for $20.00 before Dec. 1 and $30.00 afterwards.

If you are a current or recent advertiser or (paid) subscriber for any of our publications, you can join in the webinar at no charge.  Construct Canada has provided me with a small number of free guest passes for my in-person presentation.  Again, I?ll share these (as available) with current clients.

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