Preparing for the presentation about social media and construction marketing


social media book coverI?ve started preparing for a 20 minute presentation about social media and marketing for the Greater Ottawa Home Builders? Association renovators? council on Aug. 15, the official ?launch? date for my new e-book:  Social Media and Marketing for architectural, engineering and construction companies:  What you really need to know to achieve profitable results.

Presentation preparation is both ?easy? and challenging ? Easy in that I should really understand the material (after all, I wrote a book about it); challenging in that the presentation needs to be relevant and useful ? and it isn?t easy to find really good, obvious visible examples of true social media marketing success.

Yet I?ll get the job done, with the draft set up on by the end of the day tomorrow, and tweaking (and a dry run at the presentation site on Tuesday).

As for the book . . . it is now on the Amazon Kindle store (and has sold several copies already) but it will take a few weeks before our wholesaler distributes it to other retailers including the Apple IStore (great for reading on IPads) and other retailers.  You can of course purchase it from Smashwords directly, though, with that brand name, you might feel more comfortable waiting!

The book continues to be free if you?ve already purchased Construction Marketing Ideas: Practical strategies and resources to attract and retain profitable clients for your architectural, engineering or construction business, or have advertised in any of our publications.  To request your free copy, just email me at

P.S.  You might wish to check out ?25 remdelers who get social media,? a posting in the HousingZone professional remodeler site.

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