Preparing for the longest flight in the world


We’re about to embark on a very long vacation, at least in terms of flying time. This time tomorrow, I’ll board Singapore Airlines flight 21, from Newark, NJ to Singapore — a flying endurance exercise as it is currently the longest flight in the world, approximating 20 hours (depending on winds).

Obviously getting on a flight half-way around the world has little direct to do with construction marketing, but it has a lot to do with stage of life and effective business management and delegation. Vivian and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary on Nov. 14. We decided to take the trip to experience the day in a truly exotic and distant location.

Although I still work full-time, I can assign staff and hire contractors to fill my roles, and with the Internet, even with great distance, can remain in touch for essential management decisions. The result: three overseas vacations in less than a year — certainly a record in my life, outside of the extensive African adventures as a young adult. (The African time of course had much more profound impact on my life in part because of the genuine isolation and communications distance — along with the much longer travel times, between eight months and 18 months — away from home.)

I’ll probably post here infrequently when travelling but may share some observations. In the meantime, it is time to prepare for the trip ahead.

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