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blog logo cmiYou can nominate your favourite blog for the 2015 Best Construction Blog competition now. There’s no rush — nominations remain open until January 31, 2015, with voting through February and March, but if you are interested (or know a blog worthy of the competition), it won’t hurt to be an early bird.

This year, the competition has a new category: Social media. Here, the judges will review the overall effectiveness of nominees’ social media campaigns and initiatives. Blogging, of course, can be a powerful tool for social media content generation and feedback.

There’s no fee to enter (or win) the competition and the qualification rules are simple: The blog should relate to, or be from a business within, the architectural, engineering and construction sector, and not be a “splog” or a blog that has no purpose other than purported search engine optimization objectives. ?(“Purported” is appropriate, since Google has long caught on to tricks with garbage sites to fool the search engines.) The blog should also be maintained and updated with reasonable frequency.

The prize: Recognition. All nominees will receive a free positive review in this blog, plus hyperlinks that last as long as the blog remains active. We’ll interview and promote the finalists on our websites, especially if the blogger serves communities within our market areas (but you don’t need to be within our markets to enter the competition, and win.)

Here’s the nomination form:

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