Popular voting opens for 2015 social media marketing competition

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This Whirlwind Steel blog posting advocates leveraging of social media accounts

socialmedia imagreIt’s a bit late, but the voting has opened at last for the 2015 Construction Marketing Ideas social media competition. The contest has been designed as a more encompassing extension of the well-established Best Construction Blog competition, and looks at the overall social media strategy of competing companies.

Popular vote is part of the picture — but there will be a judged component as well, assessing the competitor’s overall success in attracting business, reputation,and enhanced relationships within the community and their client and target market groups.

We’ll provide more detailed profiles of the competitors in upcoming Construction Marketing Ideas blog posts.

While the original voting deadline had been set at July 31, because of the delay in setting up the ballots, we’ll extend the deadline for voting until August 31.

Best wishes for everyone who has entered the competition, and for everyone who votes.

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