Pole Barn Guru leads Best Construction Blog competition mid-way through popular voting

voting best construction blog
These are the popular voting results at 9:00 a.m. March 3. While this image is static, you can see a live feed of the voting tally within this story.

We’re a bit more than half way through the popular voting for the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition and, as you can see below, Pole Barn Guru (Hansen Pole Buildings) has a hefty lead, followed by XS Cad. Together, these two blogs have so far gathered almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of the popular vote, with about four weeks remaining until the March 31 poll close.

The popular vote result is important, but certainly does not decide, which blog wins the overall competition.? An independent judging panel will review the blogs for quality, relevance, and design, and pick out the overall winner. The popular vote is certainly important in getting the judges attention — chances are judges won’t even look at blogs which don’t reach the first seven blogs to reach the leading graph image. And final evaluation gives more weight to the blog with the highest votes; so it certainly doesn’t hurt to be first or second in the race.

The judging system is vital because otherwise votes could be skewered in favour of large organizations with massive numbers of employees, contractors (and maybe even customers).? There is some room for voter fraud, as well. While each email is only allowed one vote, conceivably someone with many emails could vote many times. In an earlier competition I tried to tighten the voting rules by setting a maximum of one vote per IP address. This had the unintended consequence of denying votes to some larger businesses with many employees working at one location; in favour of smaller operations where many voters were at diverse locations.

That limitation didn’t seem fair to me, and I decided then that the offsetting independent judging evaluation would prevent an organization with a less-than-ideal blog from scamming the results with fake votes. (I can also audit the voting and if I sense the violations are extreme, weigh that in the final evaluation.)

In any case, there are still a few weeks left to vote — and a few weeks more for me to complete the reviews of each of this year’s blog entries. You can vote (once) on the form below — note you can vote for as many blogs as you wish on the single ballot.

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